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Professional Lawn Sprinklers




Veterans Lawn Sprinkler is your one stop shop for lawn irrigation and sprinkler system. We are equipped with the knowledge, professionalize, equipment and integrity to give you the best service around. We take pride in each customer we have the pleasure of working with. No job is too big or small.

Are You Ready For A Greener Lawn?

Click the button to schedule your free quote.

Are You Ready For A Greener Lawn?

Click the button to schedule your free quote..

Lawn Sprinkler System Spring Start-Up:

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  • Water turn on
  • Entire System Walk-through
  • Make sure all lawn sprinklers are working
  • Minor Adjustments as needed
  • Set Irrigation schedule on timer
  • Diagnosis for sprinkler system repairs
  • Free Quote for any necessary repairs

Lawn Sprinkler Service or Repair:

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  • Replacement of Heads
  • Leak Repair
  • Relocation of heads/pipe
  • Major Adjustments
  • Fix a stuck zone
  • Sprinkler System maintenance
  • Lawn Sprinkler Revamps

Sprinkler Installation:

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  • Design a specific layout for optimal watering
  • Install lawn sprinkler valves providing for zone coverage
  • Integrate new lawn sprinkler heads into watering zones
  • Provide lawn sprinkler timer/controller for automatic watering


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  • Prepare and winterize entire system for freezing weather conditions
  • Remove all water from lawn sprinkler pipes, heads, and backflow

Additional Services:

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  • Pipe or Wire Pulling – We have the machinery to pull pipe, wire, conduit, or other material under the ground, as well as under driveways, sidewalks, or patios. Examples may include landscape lighting wire, surveillance camera wire, electrical wire or conduit
  • Electric Dog Fence Repair – We have hit so many dog fence lines while installing sprinklers that we have become experts at repair. We have the equipment to track the wire, find where it’s damaged, and fix it

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